Magnesium is the only grip enhancing substance allowed in the competition. The use of tacky/pine resin in events involving stones is decided at the competitor meeting.

Competition rules 2014 »

House Pull

A house is pulled from a static position towards the competitor, same event as in the 2013 competition. Athletes compete singly.

Carrying a Sack

A sack is carried on the chest and the distance measured. Carried like in the 2013 competition. Athletes compete in pairs.


A trailer or a car is lifted off the ground, same as in 2013. Athletes compete singly.

Hercules Hold

Completed the same way as in previous years. Athletes compete in pairs.

Overhead Log Lift

Repetitions/Time. A log is lifted off the ground and raised overhead as many times as possible within the time limit without letting go of the log or dropping it. Athletes compete in pairs.

Wheelbarrow Push

The total weight is already loaded onto the wheelbarrow, same as in 2013. Athletes compete in pairs.

Atlas Stones

Five (5) stones are loaded onto platforms of decreasing height; the lightest stone on the highest and the heaviest stone on the lowest platform. The weight of the stones and the height of the platforms will be announced later. USE OF PINE RESIN IS FORBIDDEN. Athletes compete in pairs.